Money Saving Tips for This Summer

Money Saving Tips for This Summer

We at Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning wish you a happy summer here in Fort Wayne, IN! We know you’ll probably have your air conditioner (AC) on for longer stretches of time. (We certainly will!) So we’ve provided this list of tried-and-true methods to reduce your energy consumption and save you money this season.

1. Clean Seasonally

The beginning of summer is a great time to be sure your air conditioner is in good shape. You should replace your air filters and check to see if the coils are clean. Also, look for any various debris (sticks, leaves, dirt) on your outdoor unit, and be sure to clear it off. Give us a call at 260-423-4331 to schedule a routine maintenance inspection and cleaning. We’ll give your HVAC system the red carpet treatment!

2. Open Your Windows

Before the climate becomes too unbearably hot, you can save money by switching your air conditioner off. You can use the natural breeze that comes through your windows to cool the home and save the air conditioner for when you really need it.

3. Cook Outdoors

Summer is the optimal time for cooking outside. Whether it’s charred on the grill or roasted over the campfire, outdoor cooking is a great way to keep it cool inside. When left on, the oven drastically increases the temperature in your home and makes the air conditioner work twice as hard.

4. Use Curtains/Blinds

Installing curtains and blinds is a simple way to keep things cool. Providing the proper shade for your house decreases heat gain and can save you money on air conditioner usage.

5. Utilize Natural Light

During the sunniest season, with the longest periods of daylight, you receive volumes of free lighting. Leaving the lights off during the day can help you save on electricity and reduce your footprint on nature.

6. Utilize Fans

Fans can help lower the temperature in your home and use much less electricity than your air conditioner. Sometimes they do the trick when the air conditioner isn’t quite necessary.

7. Insulate Properly

Be sure your walls and windows are properly insulated. Good insulation allows cold air to remain trapped inside and prevents hot air from creeping in. You can run your air conditioner for shorter increments of time, as it will stay colder longer.

8. Use Automatic Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a fantastic way to save money. In fact, you can knock up to 10 percent off your energy bill by investing in one. You set the times that the air conditioner runs, so you don’t have to remember to switch it on or off. The programmable thermostat is ideal if you’re forgetful and want to save money.

9. Seal Your Ducts

If your ducts aren’t properly sealed, then the cool air, along with your money, is being wasted. Leaks in your ductwork can increase your energy bill by up to 30 percent. It’s important to have your ducts inspected and sealed to prevent this from happening.

Our team at Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning hopes you’ll keep this useful information handy for reference. Please give us a call at 260-423-4331 if you’d like to schedule a repair or maintenance inspection.

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