American Standard PEAD Horizontal-Ducted Multi Zone Heat Pumps

American Standard PEAD Horizontal-Ducted Multi Zone Heat Pumps.

Energy Savings

Inverter-driven compressors maximizes energy savings by using only the energy needed to perfectly cool or heat an area.

Personal Comfort Control

The PEAD Horizontal-Ducted gives you control over your home comfort as the ductless systems operate in just one room, or zone, which can be tailored to your preferences. Using smart home devices, easily control fan speed, air direction, temperature, and more.

Improved Air Quality

The PEAD Horizontal Ducted comes equipped with completely reusable, washable, anti-allergen filters. Enjoy cleaner air and improved air quality with these built-in, easy-to-use filters.

Easy Installation

One of the best parts about ductless systems is the quick and easy installation process. Ductless systems are installed directly into each room where they’re needed, avoiding major construction or remodeling taking place in your home.